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I have drawn, designed and created since I've known myself. 


I have spent my career as an art director, designer, illustrator, creative strategist and brand builder. Working as both as an advertising creative and in-house corporate creative, I have benefited from both those worlds, solving in different ways particular marketing and advertising challenges.

From developing the marketing strategy and executing a direct mail, email/online campaign, to classic graphic design work, and even art directing and editing video with a lot of brand stewardship thrown in. Accessible design – both online and print – is something I am particularly passionate about.

I have tons of multi disciplinary experience across many kinds of business and have mentored and helped train others across those disciplines.  

And even after all these years the thing that surprises even me is that I still love what I do and have a passion for good work... results driven work.

Check out my resume.   tel: 416-697-4297

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