The Canadian National Institute for the Blind at the 100 year mark went through their most extensive rebrand to date. Now a Foundation the company wanted a bold new look that modernized the century old company. An external agency was brought on board to create this new brand positioning, look and feel. As the lead in-house creative I was tasked with taking the new brand and making it work across all platforms.

Below is the first Annual Report done in the new brand, The Venture Zone app (a "game" that helps budding blind and partially sight individuals 'pretend' launch their own business), the brand new EyeVan (18 wheeler eye hospital on wheels) and the launch video that ran on the landing page for the first week of life of the new CNIB Foundation.



CNIB Foundation EyeVan - 18 wheeler travelling eye hospital

CNIB Foundation Launch video (french version). This video shows the transition from the old logo to the new and explains
the new programming direction.

A high end women's boutique in downtown St. John's Newfoundland needed a rebrand. Owner Sandy not only had a unique vision for shop but also for her rebrand. I was given the task of integrating a high end look, with a bit of whimsy, the citrine stone colour, polka dots, a script font and her favourite Cala Lillies.

Citrine Boutique

CITRINE Boutique.png
CITRINE Boutique.png

ZIFHR Brand Identity and social media

ZIFHR is a career counselling & job search coaching company. I originally created the brand identity for the then start up. The owner and head career counsellor Jane Brind later approached me to act as a consultant on the building of website. I worked with her and the agency of record to bring UX and UI ideas to the table. I also created all of the conceptual illustrations used on the website and on a series of social posts.

ZIFHR_LinkedIn Posts.png

LinkedIn Posts

Research for Change Brand Identity and marketing materials

Research for Change is a company that specializes in doing qualitative and quantitative research for its mostly not-for-profit clientele. Client Samantha was amazing to work with, she wanted a look and feel that connected with the softer side of her kind of research. For her I created a full brand identity, consisting of logo, business cards, website, social ads and collateral material.


Saab Ads, Dealer cards and Pearson Airport Board

These Saab Magazine ads were created to persuade existing customers to come into a Saab dealer in the spring for all their service needs and genuine Saab accessories.

The Pearson Airport Board was to promote the launch of the new Saab 93. The dealer cards were created as a take away and distributed to the various dealerships to be handed out at the discretion of the sales staff. 


Saab Saturn cars are no longer being produced in market but the work I created for these various campaigns are still some of my favourites. This brand taught me that "I love automotive advertising".

Saab Ads-2.png

Pearson Airport video board (no sound). 

Saab Ads.png

Dealership cards

Pop up Ad, Instagram Stories ad and a Video for email and social media, all created for a Direct Marketing "Double your impact" Campaign. A generous donor gifted the CNIB Foundation $50,000. The campaign hoped to raise funds by doubling all donations with a goal minimum of reaching $50,000. Digital strategy, Art Direction, writing and editing were all done in-house.

As the story board shows, when you are working with animals you sometimes have to be flexible with what your final vision is (watch the video).

Double your impact Guide Dog Campaign


Instagram stories Ad


Banner Ad