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Celebrate your uterus

There is much fear surrounding Hormone Therapy as a treatment for the sometimes severe symptoms of menopause. I wanted a campaign that put middle aged ”lady parts” right out there in your face, but in a novel and beautiful way.

-The thing that puts you at much less risk of the side effects of HT when taking "REVIVE" is having a uterus, why not celebrate it.

-Taking "REVIVE" can help those severe menopausal symptoms. 

-"REVIVE" let's get women back to doing what they love to do be it working out, eating spicy food or even having sex.

Awareness Executions:

• TV spot with women in high-end fashion, with uteruses projected over dresses, evening wear

• Highway billboards featuring a beautiful uterus: "50% of the world have these. Let's celebrate them."

• Partnership with Canadian design show: challenge using the uterus as a design motif

• Ceramic uterus painting classes, pottery events, glass-blowing classes, to celebrate women's bodies

[ This was pitched as concept only ]

Art Direction and copy by me
Drug name has been changed for privacy reasons

Creative Council-MyUterus-nologo.jpg
Creative Council-MyUterus-nologo2.jpg
Creative Council-MyUterus-nologo3.jpg

Model Promo

This promo piece was the by product of a professional photoshoot for my daughter Skylar's 13th birthday.

Skylar has an interest in modelling and all things creative. This promotional piece can
be posted on her Instagram or Pinterest page or even just sent out as a PDF to casting directors and agencies to drum up interest in her.


Skylar Model Promo.jpg
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