A series of take-ones created for Woofstock, North America's largest festival for dogs. These Etiquette Cards were created as booth handouts, they are meant to help raise awareness and funds for the CNIB Foundation Guide Dog program. 

They became a big hit with CNIB staff around Canada. Staff pinned them up at their desks as plays on their own personality, posted and shared them on social media.The cards have recently been rebranded so that they can live on at various fundraisers for the newly rebranded CNIB Foundation.

Guide Dog Etiquette Cards


(Winner of the 2016 RGD Inhouse award for excellence in accessible design)

This highly successful fundraising piece was designed to entice donors to support CNIB's Lake Joe camp for blind and partially sighted children and adults. It resulted in 30 very wealthy lapsed and new donors coming on board to support the camp.

Lake Joe Donor Report


This was the CNIB's last annual report before the company rebranded in 2018. The report's design was centred around the transition from the old CNIB to the new CNIB Foundation. The old brand colours blue and green take you visually to the new brand colours black and yellow. The young client gracing the front cover is Travis, blind since the age of two.

CNIB's 2016-2017 Annual Report